Highland Musikarchiv Series*

Highland Musikarchiv Series

CDs/DVDs of Highland Musikarchiv series contain app. 12 to 15 titles with app. 75 min duration (130 min for double CDs). Mostly with a thematic focus. Always containing a certain number of “all-round” titles allowing application for different subjects. You find e.g. material for holidays, city-tours or animal related productions. A certain focus are CDs/DVDs without dominant drums suitable for landscape shots, countryside etc.

Production Music Series

Productivity is the key! Contemporary rock-pop-sound for effective professional dubbing. Mostly with continuous drum grooves. Divers prevailing moods: tension driven, sportive or romantic. All titles incl. extended version (>8 min), arrangement variations and jingles. The perfect solution for time-saving and effective dubbing! Ready-to-use material for all kinds of av-related applications: sports, technology, emotions, suspense…

Tracks, Loops, Jingles & More Series

Inspiring versatile titles for industry and nature, hobby, travel and sports. Extended by numerous professionally prepared loops, jingles and arrangement variations on Bonus-DVD. Hands-on, up to date, expressive and diversified! Our Swiss knife for dubbing: indispensable!

Backgrounds Series

This series supplies a wide range of background sounds and effects for all kinds of productions, whether slide shows, video and film, multi-media or technical animation. Especially suitable for generation of flowing transition and cross fading as well as acoustic variable control of emotional and suggestive moods. Various synthetic effects and sound universes, technical sounds, experimental sounds, synthetic atmospheres etc. suggestive and emotional. Mostly floating arrangements without dominant rhythm.

Piano Series

Pure magic of the piano! This series does not fascinate with broad arrangements but with the pure emotional tune. Soulful performed piano music in different styles. Stylistics range from emotional ballads over bar music and melancholic jazz to classic impromptu. Use the variety of this music for creative arrangement of your pictures. Use a melody as principal theme and add variations with different arrangements or different instrumentation. This offers a wide scope of possibilities for your film dramaturgy. Subtle acoustic instrumental titles – expressive and versatile. Perfect for issues like landscapes, culture, nostalgia, feelings, drama etc.

BEST OF… Series

As indicated by the name, this series provides assortments on different subject of titles already published by Highland Musikarchiv. “BEST OF Urlaubsstimmung Vol.1” (“BEST OF Music for Holidays Vol.1”) for example offers a selection of catchy melodies and pleasant harmonies in combination with casual rhythm for all holiday and leisure related productions. Just the best!
* CD/DVD booklets and accompanying text information currently only available in German language version. For English language information please use online ressources.