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CD: 143 Minutes

The sound worlds of Indonesia, Thailand, India, Japan and China, from the rice field into the Mega cities! Smooth atmospheres, some with rhythmic accentuation, relaxing and mysteriously. Mildly peppered with exotic variations, authentic instruments and voice collages! Always embedded into "western" harmonies, without cheap sound plates. Go on a journey of discovery and experiment with contrasting visual impressions!

Included titles and variations

Der große Fluß

The large river90 BPM04:54
The large river jingle 190 BPM00:15
The large river jingle 290 BPM00:19
The large river jingle 390 BPM00:30
The large river recorder solo 190 BPM00:25
The large river recorder solo 290 BPM00:25
The large river percussion solo90 BPM01:07
The large river without percussion90 BPM01:13
The large river talkover90 BPM02:09

Licht und Schatten

Light and shadows49 BPM04:35
Light and shadows jingle 149 BPM00:15
Light and shadows jingle 249 BPM00:19
Light and shadows jingle 349 BPM00:25
Light and shadows jingle 449 BPM00:29
Light and shadows jingle 549 BPM00:29
Light and shadows jingle 649 BPM00:38
Light and shadows without synthesiser49 BPM01:23
Light and shadows talkover49 BPM01:50


Dalai80 BPM04:35
Dalai jingle 180 BPM00:16
Dalai jingle 280 BPM00:23
Dalai jingle 380 BPM00:35
Dalai jingle 480 BPM00:53
Dalai talkover80 BPM02:17


India126 BPM04:33
India jingle 1126 BPM00:24
India jingle 2126 BPM00:47
India jingle 3126 BPM00:59
India percussion solo126 BPM01:05
India less percussion126 BPM01:22
India without percussion and drums126 BPM01:22
India talkover126 BPM02:04

Dach der Welt

Roof of the world05:10
Roof of the world jingle 100:26
Roof of the world ban-di flute solo00:56
Roof of the world without bonang01:36
Roof of the world without ban-di flute01:36
Roof of the world talkover01:38

Djakarta Market

Jakarta market89 BPM04:44
Jakarta market jingle 189 BPM00:15
Jakarta market jingle 289 BPM00:25
Jakarta market jingle 389 BPM00:47
Jakarta market jingle 489 BPM00:47
Jakarta market jingle 589 BPM00:47
Jakarta market percussion solo89 BPM00:58
Jakarta market talkover89 BPM04:44

Singapore Air

Singapore air75 BPM04:53
Singapore air jingle 175 BPM00:16
Singapore air jingle 275 BPM00:22
Singapore air jingle 375 BPM00:35
Singapore air jingle 475 BPM00:37
Singapore air jingle 575 BPM00:38
Singapore air sitar solo75 BPM00:28
Singapore air panpipe solo75 BPM00:32
Singapore air without vocals75 BPM04:53

Der Reisbauer

The paddy farmer48 BPM05:26
The paddy farmer jingle 148 BPM00:22
The paddy farmer jingle 248 BPM00:32
The paddy farmer jingle 348 BPM00:52
The paddy farmer hu-lu-si solo 148 BPM00:45
The paddy farmer hu-lu-si solo 248 BPM00:45
The paddy farmer without synthesiser 148 BPM00:43
The paddy farmer without synthesiser 248 BPM00:45
The paddy farmer without synthesiser 348 BPM00:52
The paddy farmer without hu-lu-si48 BPM00:51

Bamboo Tower

Bamboo tower88 BPM04:41
Bamboo tower jingle 188 BPM00:19
Bamboo tower jingle 288 BPM00:30
Bamboo tower without choir and vocals88 BPM01:23
Bamboo tower talkover88 BPM02:14


Shepherd boy62 BPM04:59
Shepherd boy jingle 162 BPM00:22
Shepherd boy jingle 262 BPM00:43
Shepherd boy jingle 362 BPM00:43
Shepherd boy tampura and sitar solo62 BPM00:31
Shepherd boy percussion solo62 BPM01:51
Shepherd boy without percussion62 BPM00:55
Shepherd boy without synthesiser62 BPM04:35
Shepherd boy talkover62 BPM02:09


Temple dance70 BPM04:59
Temple dance jingle 170 BPM00:18
Temple dance jingle 270 BPM00:24
Temple dance jingle 370 BPM00:38
Temple dance percussion and vocals70 BPM01:40
Temple dance synthesiser and vocals70 BPM01:45
Temple dance without percussion70 BPM01:19
Temple dance talkover70 BPM02:08


Geisha81 BPM05:02
Geisha jingle 181 BPM00:23
Geisha jingle 281 BPM00:33
Geisha jingle 381 BPM00:37
Geisha without percussion81 BPM01:54
Geisha talkover81 BPM02:20

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