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CD: 143 Minutes

Feelings, dreams, desire! Happiness variants, instrumentations and timbres. Positive harmony and quite minded melodies with unobtrusive rhythm. Shaded compilation in stylistic succession of our classics “Traumland” and “Sentimental Moods”. From java flavour to bedtime sweets: emotional highlights. 98 titles incl. jingles and composition variants.

Included titles and variations


Crystal ball126 BPM04:17
Crystal ball jingle 1126 BPM00:12
Crystal ball jingle 2126 BPM00:23
Crystal ball jingle 3126 BPM00:34
Crystal ball jingle 4126 BPM00:46
Crystal ball jingle 5126 BPM00:51
Crystal ball jingle 6126 BPM01:14
Crystal ball jingle 7126 BPM01:37
Crystal ball jingle 8126 BPM01:37
Crystal ball talkover126 BPM02:06
Crystal ball talkover without piano126 BPM02:05

Das friedliche Tal

Peaceful valley58 BPM04:07
Peaceful valley jingle 158 BPM00:20
Peaceful valley jingle 258 BPM00:36
Peaceful valley jingle 358 BPM00:44
Peaceful valley jingle 458 BPM01:01
Peaceful valley jingle 558 BPM01:34

Happy Days

Happy days100 BPM04:39
Happy days jingle 1100 BPM00:17
Happy days jingle 2100 BPM00:22
Happy days jingle 3100 BPM00:32
Happy days jingle 4100 BPM00:53
Happy days jingle 5100 BPM01:12
Happy days jingle 6100 BPM01:36
Happy days mandolin solo100 BPM00:38
Happy days panpipe solo100 BPM00:43
Happy days talkover100 BPM02:00


Breeze of luck64 BPM04:46
Breeze of luck jingle 164 BPM00:18
Breeze of luck jingle 264 BPM00:33
Breeze of luck jingle 364 BPM00:45
Breeze of luck jingle 464 BPM01:01
Breeze of luck jingle 564 BPM01:30
Breeze of luck melody solo64 BPM01:06
Breeze of luck talkover64 BPM02:01


Peace of mind58 BPM04:57
Peace of mind jingle 158 BPM00:34
Peace of mind jingle 258 BPM00:49
Peace of mind jingle 358 BPM01:21
Peace of mind jingle 458 BPM01:59

Take A Break

Take a break76 BPM04:41
Take a break jingle 176 BPM00:20
Take a break jingle 276 BPM00:30
Take a break jingle 376 BPM00:43
Take a break jingle 476 BPM01:06
Take a break jingle 576 BPM01:44
Take a break melody solo76 BPM00:54
Take a break talkover76 BPM01:56

Nur ein Spiel

Just a game66 BPM04:28
Just a game jingle 166 BPM00:17
Just a game jingle 266 BPM00:27
Just a game jingle 366 BPM00:45
Just a game jingle 466 BPM01:00
Just a game jingle 566 BPM01:15
Just a game jingle 666 BPM01:44
Just a game panpipe solo66 BPM00:41
Just a game talkover66 BPM02:17

Dream On

Dream on56 BPM04:25
Dream on jingle 156 BPM00:20
Dream on jingle 256 BPM00:34
Dream on jingle 356 BPM00:41
Dream on jingle 456 BPM00:51
Dream on jingle 556 BPM01:08
Dream on jingle 656 BPM01:25
Dream on talkover56 BPM02:04

Harmonie der Welt

Harmony of the world90 BPM04:56
Harmony of the world jingle 190 BPM00:13
Harmony of the world jingle 290 BPM00:19
Harmony of the world jingle 390 BPM00:30
Harmony of the world jingle 490 BPM00:51
Harmony of the world jingle 590 BPM01:02
Harmony of the world jingle 690 BPM01:44
Harmony of the world talkover90 BPM02:30

Weißer Engel

White angel76 BPM04:37
White angel jingle 176 BPM00:15
White angel jingle 276 BPM00:24
White angel jingle 376 BPM00:37
White angel jingle 476 BPM00:37
White angel jingle 576 BPM01:02
White angel jingle 676 BPM01:27
White angel talkover76 BPM01:53


Kissed awake62 BPM05:09
Kissed awake jingle 162 BPM00:23
Kissed awake jingle 262 BPM00:31
Kissed awake jingle 362 BPM00:46
Kissed awake jingle 462 BPM01:02
Kissed awake jingle 562 BPM01:24
Kissed awake talkover62 BPM02:00

Gone Forever

Gone forever96 BPM05:47
Gone forever jingle 196 BPM00:26
Gone forever jingle 296 BPM00:40
Gone forever jingle 396 BPM00:54
Gone forever jingle 496 BPM01:07
Gone forever jingle 596 BPM01:09
Gone forever jingle 696 BPM01:24
Gone forever saxophone solo 196 BPM00:15
Gone forever saxophone solo 296 BPM00:59
Gone forever piano solo96 BPM02:09

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