Production Music Vol.8 (CD Non-commercial Licence)

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CD: 248 Minutes

Mature, relaxed, flowing: Slow-moves and sentimental elegance for travel, fashion, technology and enjoying observation. Soft harmony changes, cautious melodic, unobtrusive continuous grooves. From global market to cloud factory: state of the art, detailed, international, vast versatilely! Duration up to 10 min Incl. bonus-DVD (total 124 tracks in WAV / MP3 format): 63 additional title variations, complementary/varying arrangements and jingles!

Included titles and variations


Stealthy...EV86 BPM10:00
Stealthy...86 BPM04:25
Stealthy... jingle 186 BPM00:14
Stealthy... jingle 286 BPM00:19
Stealthy... jingle 386 BPM00:31
Stealthy... jingle 486 BPM00:53
Stealthy... jingle 586 BPM01:15
Stealthy... jingle 686 BPM01:15
Stealthy... jingle 786 BPM01:38
Stealthy... jingle 886 BPM02:00


Automator EV108 BPM09:03
Automator108 BPM04:36
Automator jingle 1108 BPM00:14
Automator jingle 2108 BPM00:18
Automator jingle 3108 BPM00:27
Automator jingle 4108 BPM00:27
Automator jingle 5108 BPM01:02
Automator jingle 6108 BPM01:20
Automator jingle 7108 BPM01:38
Automator talkover108 BPM02:31


Cocooning EV60 BPM08:12
Cocooning60 BPM04:26
Cocooning jingle 160 BPM00:11
Cocooning jingle 260 BPM00:18
Cocooning jingle 360 BPM00:40
Cocooning jingle 460 BPM00:54
Cocooning jingle 560 BPM01:08
Cocooning jingle 660 BPM01:22
Cocooning jingle 760 BPM01:36
Cocooning less drums EV60 BPM08:11
Cocooning less drums60 BPM04:26
Cocooning less drums jingle 160 BPM00:11
Cocooning less drums jingle 260 BPM00:18
Cocooning less drums jingle 360 BPM00:40
Cocooning less drums jingle 460 BPM00:54
Cocooning less drums jingle 560 BPM01:08
Cocooning less drums jingle 660 BPM01:22
Cocooning less drums jingle 760 BPM01:36
Cocooning without drums EV60 BPM08:11
Cocooning without drums60 BPM04:26
Cocooning without drums jingle 160 BPM00:11
Cocooning without drums jingle 260 BPM00:18
Cocooning without drums jingle 360 BPM00:40
Cocooning without drums jingle 460 BPM00:54
Cocooning without drums jingle 560 BPM01:08
Cocooning without drums jingle 660 BPM01:22
Cocooning without drums jingle 760 BPM01:36


Data flow EV120 BPM08:36
Data flow120 BPM04:36
Data flow jingle 1120 BPM00:12
Data flow jingle 2120 BPM00:16
Data flow jingle 3120 BPM00:24
Data flow jingle 4120 BPM00:40
Data flow jingle 5120 BPM00:56
Data flow jingle 6120 BPM01:12
Data flow jingle 7120 BPM01:24
Data flow jingle 8120 BPM01:40


Modulator EV90 BPM08:18
Modulator90 BPM04:23
Modulator jingle 190 BPM00:12
Modulator jingle 290 BPM00:12
Modulator jingle 390 BPM00:17
Modulator jingle 490 BPM00:17
Modulator jingle 590 BPM00:28
Modulator jingle 690 BPM00:28
Modulator jingle 790 BPM00:39
Modulator jingle 890 BPM00:39
Modulator jingle 990 BPM00:49
Modulator jingle 1090 BPM00:49
Modulator jingle 1190 BPM01:11
Modulator jingle 1290 BPM01:11
Modulator jingle 1390 BPM01:32
Modulator jingle 1490 BPM01:32

VIP Lounge

VIP lounge EV100 BPM09:18
VIP lounge100 BPM04:20
VIP lounge jingle 1100 BPM00:20
VIP lounge jingle 2100 BPM00:30
VIP lounge jingle 3100 BPM00:49
VIP lounge jingle 4100 BPM00:59
VIP lounge jingle 5100 BPM01:08
VIP lounge jingle 6100 BPM01:27
VIP lounge jingle 7100 BPM01:56

The Project

The project EV90 BPM08:40
The project90 BPM04:24
The project jingle 190 BPM00:13
The project jingle 290 BPM00:18
The project jingle 390 BPM00:29
The project jingle 490 BPM00:40
The project jingle 590 BPM00:50
The project jingle 690 BPM01:01
The project jingle 790 BPM01:12
The project jingle 890 BPM01:22
The project jingle 990 BPM01:33
The project talkover90 BPM02:16


World market EV100 BPM08:28
World market100 BPM04:09
World market jingle 1100 BPM00:11
World market jingle 2100 BPM00:18
World market jingle 3100 BPM00:28
World market jingle 4100 BPM00:37
World market jingle 5100 BPM00:57
World market jingle 6100 BPM01:16
World market jingle 7100 BPM01:16
World market jingle 8100 BPM01:35


Cloud factory EV55 BPM09:14
Cloud factory55 BPM04:26
Cloud factory jingle 155 BPM00:13
Cloud factory jingle 255 BPM00:22
Cloud factory jingle 355 BPM00:30
Cloud factory jingle 455 BPM00:48
Cloud factory jingle 555 BPM00:48
Cloud factory jingle 655 BPM01:05
Cloud factory jingle 755 BPM01:05
Cloud factory jingle 855 BPM01:23
Cloud factory jingle 955 BPM01:40

Just Wait

Just wait EV66 BPM09:09
Just wait66 BPM04:40
Just wait jingle 166 BPM00:18
Just wait jingle 266 BPM00:25
Just wait jingle 366 BPM00:40
Just wait jingle 466 BPM00:54
Just wait jingle 566 BPM01:09
Just wait jingle 666 BPM01:24
Just wait jingle 766 BPM01:38

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